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Artist Series

What do you give the person who has everything? How about a goat? Or a veggie garden? Or even … a pile of manure?

Oxfam Unwrapped is a range of more than 45 unique, quirky gift ideas that are guaranteed to raise a smile this Christmas. Every Unwrapped gift is tax deductible donation that helps support Oxfam’s life-changing work around the world.

Oxfam Unwrapped has teamed up with an international smorgasbord of talented artists to deliver the Oxfam Unwrapped Artist Series — a new range of beautiful, unique cards that provide an artistic twist on the classic look. There are four distinctive styles for you to choose from.

Exclusive to Oxfam Unwrapped — limited stock, order yours today!

Meet the Artists

Chrissie Abbott

Chrissie Abbott, is a designer, art director and artist from London. Her drawings and animated films are vividly techni-colour with a uniquely delicate aesthetic, utilising pattern work and found images. Chrissie is the illustrator of the Bees card.

Nadia Hernandez

Nadia's practice focuses on branding and art direction within the creative sector as well as creating her own personal work and exhibiting across Australia. Nadia is the illustrator of the Fair Trade card.

Marc Martin

Marc Martin is an illustrator, artist and book-maker based in Melbourne. His illustrations have been commissioned by clients such as Monocle magazine, Wired magazine, The Financial Review, The Australian Centre for the Moving Image and various festivals. Marc is the illustrator of the Veggie Garden card.

Catherine Cordasco

Catherine Cordasco is Parisian born and based illustrator. Her soft and uncluttered work illustrates mood and movement in everyday snippets of daily life. People, nature, trees, plants and animals are dominant in her illustrations and all are created by hand using watercolour. Catherine is the illustrator of the Goat card.

Why Oxfam Unwrapped?

People living in poverty are often without food, clean water or access to education — and when people can’t access these basic necessities — poverty will continue to thrive. Oxfam work closely with people in poverty so that together we can identify solutions that are efficient, sustainable, and effective.

That’s where Oxfam Unwrapped comes in. Every gift increases our capacity to equip people with the tools and knowledge to lift themselves out of the vicious cycle of poverty and into a brighter future.

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