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7 Fun and Charitable Christmas Gift Ideas for 2023

31 Oct 2023

If you’re looking for the ultimate Chrissy pressies—gifts that support a cause and spread joy—we’ve got you covered. Here’s our curated lineup of seven charity Christmas gifts for 2023.

From empowering Timorese women and their families to supporting fishing communities along the Mekong River, each gift represents a lifeline extended to communities worldwide.

7 Unique Charity Christmas Gifts

1. Christmas Duck

This fun and quirky gift is sure to leave a smile not just on your giftee’s face but on Timorese women’s as well. Each Christmas Duck gift card that you gift to your loved one contributes to their egg-ceptional efforts of raising ducklings or growing their own vegetables to sell. 

2. Christmas Goat

Another way you can empower women in Timor-Leste is through our Christmas Goat gift card. Aside from supporting these women’s entrepreneurial ventures, this simple and fun Christmas gift also helps them save their income through savings groups to expand their business by investing in additional livestock or diversifying their produce. Its impact is incapra-ble!

3. Christmas Garden

Each purchase of the Christmas Garden gift card is a step towards community sustainability in Bangladesh. So gifting this to your loved one this festive season means you’re working to expedite the creation of community gardens, ensuring fresh food and a steady income for those who need it most. It’s a gift that grows!

4. Christmas Hand Loom

Your crafty friend or family member will fall in love with our Christmas Hand Loom gift card because, besides the reel-y fun vibe it brings, it teaches young Sri Lankan women valuable life skills that ensure they always have a way to earn a living. Whether it’s fruit and vegetable production or weaving hand-loomed textiles, you help create opportunities for them to become successful entrepreneurs.

5. Christmas Chicken

A cute and unique Christmas gift is fun in itself, but a gift that helps Timorese women achieve their business aspirations? That’s egg-cellent! And that is exactly what you do when you choose our Christmas Chicken gift card.

6. Christmas Cow

This charitable Christmas gift will not only make your giftee dairy delighted this holiday season but also make an entire Timorese family merry. Each Christmas Cow gift card purchase supports our partnership with the community to supply milk, manure for the garden and calves to sell for income. 

7. Christmas Fish

Communities along the Mekong River thrive on its waters, but unchecked development and construction spell jeopardy for them. The Christmas Fish gift card empowers these communities to stand up against these harmful acts and provides them with the resources to protect their sustainable fishing methods. Whoever you give this fun Christmas gift to will appreciate the splash it makes.

How it works

  1. Choose your gift. Browse through our diverse collection of Christmas charity gift cards, each representing a unique cause. From goats and chickens to gardens and handloom —there’s a perfect gift for everyone on your list.
  2. Personalise it. After selecting your gift, choose whether to handwrite your message on a blank card for a warm, personal feel or have us print your personalised message on the card.
  3. Pick your delivery method:
    • E-cards: Opt for an eco-friendly, immediate delivery. We’ll send your personalised gift card straight to your loved one’s inbox.
    • Print-at-home cards: Add a personal touch. Following your purchase, we’ll provide you with a link to download and print your card right at home.
    • Physical cards: Go the traditional route. We’ll post the printed personalised card to your desired address. 
    • Blank cards: We send the printed blank cards to your address so you can personalise and deliver them yourself.

So there you have it—seven simple yet meaningful charitable gifts that transform lives this festive season. They’re great for family and friends and make wonderful Kris Kringle gifts or corporate gifts for your favourite business partner or client. 

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