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Sustainable Gift Ideas for 2024

29 Jan 2024

You did the right thing by making a New Year’s resolution toward sustainability in 2024. The cost of unwanted gifts keeps climbing, reaching hundreds of millions yearly and ending up in landfills. By opting for eco-friendly gift-giving, you show that you care about the planet and want to leave a positive mark.

So here are some great gift ideas that support sustainability initiatives in your community and around the world.

Green gift ideas

Gifts that support sustainable farming

Sustainable farming practices are centred around supporting the long-term health of an ecosystem and protecting our natural resources. They prioritise healthy soil, water conservation, and biodiversity, as well as fair treatment for farmers and humane treatment of animals.

These sustainable farming initiatives are the key to building resilient agricultural systems that protect our food security and the environment for generations to come. Some gifts that support sustainable agriculture include:

Agriculture gift cards

Gift families around the world the tools they need to rise above poverty through sustainable farming. Agriculture Gift Cards are a simple yet effective way to do just that.

Organic fruit and vegetable baskets

What’s more Aussie than a fresh, seasonal basket overflowing with juicy mangoes, crisp apples, and vibrant strawberries? Choose to gift a basket from local farms committed to organic practices, and you’ll be supporting sustainable farming, healthy eating, and local businesses – triple win!

Community-supported agriculture (CSA) subscriptions

A CSA subscription connects your loved one directly with a local farm, providing them with a regular box of fresh produce. They’ll get access to the freshest, most seasonal produce, build a connection with their food source, and directly support sustainable practices.

Farming equipment or seed kits

Encourage your green-thumbed friend to grow their own veggies! Gift them a gardening spade, a set of organic seeds, or even a beginner’s composting kit. Not only will they enjoy the fruits (and veggies) of their labour, but they’ll also learn valuable skills and contribute to a healthier ecosystem.

Gifts that support sustainable fishing

Our love for seafood and fishing is catching up with us. Fish are disappearing faster than ever, with over 77 billion kilograms hauled out of the ocean yearly. Scientists warn future generations could be left empty-handed if we keep fishing like this.

Sustainable fishing prioritises healthy fish populations, protects marine ecosystems, and ensures responsible fishing practices. The following are some gift ideas that support this mission.

Fish Gift Card

Our Fish Gift Cards support sustainable fishing practices, raise awareness about endangered species and empower women to lead communities in protecting their rivers and fishery resources.

Sustainable seafood subscription boxes

Subscription boxes featuring ethically sourced, seasonal seafood are a delicious way to celebrate sustainable practices. Think fresh oysters, wild-caught tuna, and succulent prawns, all delivered with a conscience.

Fishing gear certified for sustainability

For the angler in your life, gift them a rod made from recycled materials, hooks that minimise bycatch, or a net for responsible fish handling. They’ll appreciate the eco-friendly touch while enjoying their favourite pastime.

Gifts that support reforestation

Climate change, pests, and pollution make trees vulnerable to disease, even wiping out entire forests. Tree overuse depletes resources and shatters habitats, further destabilising these ecosystems. If this continues to happen, it will not only impact the beauty and diversity of our planet but also disrupt natural processes like carbon storage, water regulation, and climate control.

Want to support reforestation? These gifts fit the bill.

Donations to reforestation projects

Reforestation projects are initiatives that support planting in areas that have been impacted by deforestation so that they can begin recovery and regeneration of these ecosystems. They can also empower farming communities by providing new technologies in soil conservation and cultivation management to help sustain these areas long term.

Donations from our Forest Gift Card support farmers in reforesting their land and transforming their small farms into flourishing businesses.

Tree planting kits

Tiny trees, big possibilities! Gift a planting kit to the nature lover in your life. Watch their joy bloom as they nurture their own mini-forest, one tiny sapling at a time.

Eco-friendly paper products

For the stationery lover, consider eco-friendly gifts from recycled paper or alternative materials like bamboo. Some brands also contribute a portion of their profits to reforestation efforts, making your gift both practical and environmentally friendly.

Crafts where a portion of proceeds goes towards reforestation efforts

Support artisans who craft with purpose! Choose brands that support reforestation. From handcrafted jewellery to home décor items, every purchase plants a seed for a greener tomorrow.

Gifts that support clean water

Water is the lifeblood of our planet, yet two billion people worldwide struggle to access this precious resource. Contaminated water and sanitation issues threaten health, hinder development, and steal opportunities from almost half the earth’s population.

Some sustainable gift ideas that support clean water include:

Contributions to clean water projects

Clean water projects help to develop innovative, long-term and cost-effective solutions to provide safe and reliable water in areas with limited access. Our Clean Water Gift Card supports these initiatives by providing safe water from boreholes, toilets, and hygiene training to families in displacement camps.

Biodegradable soaps and shampoos

Give the gift of clean hygiene with a green twist by ditching plastic bottles and going for biodegradable soaps and shampoos! These eco-friendly alternatives use natural and sustainable ingredients that biodegrade into environmentally friendly byproducts. In the long term, these can aid in reducing pollution, protecting aquatic life, and keeping our water sources clean.

Reusable makeup remover pads

Go green by gifting washable, sustainable makeup remover pads instead of single-use wipes that clog landfills. It keeps both our face and our water clean!

Moisture metre for plants

The plant lover in your life will love this handy tool that helps them water efficiently. It saves water and keeps their plants thriving.

Gifts that support clean energy

Clean energy comes from sustainable, renewable energy sources that do not release harmful pollutants or greenhouse gases into the environment when used. This means they don’t pollute the air or contribute to climate change in the same way that traditional, fossil fuel-based energy sources do. Shifting to clean, renewable energy sources is the key to protecting our air, our oceans, and our future.

Looking for ways to support clean energy as a gift? Here are some inspiring ideas:

Clean Energy gift card

By gifting the Clean Energy Gift Card, you actively contribute to empowering communities in Southeast Asia to shift towards sustainable energy solutions. This targeted support helps prioritise their switch from fossil fuels to renewable energy, paving the way for a cleaner and more resilient future.

Accessories for electric vehicles

For the EV lover in your life, gift them with eco-friendly accessories. Think stylish charging cables, portable solar panels for road trips, or even a cosy EV blanket for chilly commutes.

Smart thermostats

These intelligent devices optimise energy usage, reducing heating and cooling costs while minimising environmental impact. It’s a win-win for wallets and the planet.

Solar-powered gadgets

From solar lamps and phone chargers to portable speakers and even miniature water pumps, these gifts are a nod to clean energy while adding practicality to everyday life.

Gifts that support economic sustainability

Economic sustainability is about balancing policy decisions and practices in a way that supports long-term economic growth without sacrificing the social, environmental, and cultural aspects of a community. In other words, economic sustainability is when prosperity doesn’t come at the expense of tomorrow. It’s about ensuring that everyone, not just the fortunate few, has a fair shot at a good life, now and for generations to come.

Below are some great gift ideas to support economic sustainability.

Investments in community development programs

There are many ways to support community development programs, one of which is by gifting an Illustrative Hand Loom Charity Gift Card. Each gift invests in a woman’s business, helping her build a sustainable future for herself and her family.

Locally made products

Shopping locally is a great way to support your community and can also minimise the energy expenditure and emissions from long-distance transport of products. Think handcrafted pottery, handmade clothing, or locally-produced wines and smallgoods.

Fairtrade certified items

For every gift you buy, look for the Fair Trade badge. This ensures fair wages for producers, sustainable farming, and responsible production.

Support for local artists and creatives

Gift tickets to local theatre productions, artisanal craft fairs, or music concerts. This supports local artists and makes your community more fun and creative.

More sustainable gifts at Oxfam Unwrapped

Ready to gift green? Browse our charity gift cards and find the perfect way to make a difference this year with every gift you give!

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