Emergency Charity Gifts

If you’ve received a last-minute invitation and need to come up with a gift idea fast, why not skip the usual box of chocolates and give a gift with impact instead?

With Oxfam, your last-minute gift can provide emergency assistance and humanitarian aid to the people and places who need it most. From soap for people living in COVID-19 hotspots to a safe refuge for women in crisis, these last-minute gift ideas fix your small emergency to help ease the burden of their big ones.

How to buy a last-minute gift card

An Oxfam gift card is a practical and meaningful way to make a difference in the world. 

Simply select a card type, choose your impact amount and we will post or email the gift on your behalf.

  1. Choose a gift card here.
  2. Customise your emergency gift card with a personal message.
  3. Send your emergency gift card via mail or email to your loved one.

Your donation goes to those who need it most.

How your last minute gift does good in the world

When you purchase a last minute gift card with Oxfam, the impact goes far beyond your initial donation. While your gift can help provide emergency relief, it also creates a ripple effect that empowers individuals and communities, leading to meaningful societal shifts.

Oxfam and our partners are currently on the ground assisting people who are experiencing some of the worst emergencies of our time. From the threat of COVID-19, civil unrest, climate damage and systemic poverty, the fight against injustice is big and ongoing.

However, things are changing. Every day people are coming together and doing what they can to build a better future for all of us. And for many of us, one of the most practical ways to contribute is by purchasing a gift card for a loved one or by making a donation

So give a last-minute gift that does good!

Who would have thought it could create such an impact?

Humanitarian aid

An Oxfam Humanitarian Aid Gift helps people in places like Yemen who are currently living through brutal war and one of the worst droughts in known history. With thousands of people residing in displaced persons camps, Oxfam has been distributing jerry cans to households and training up community health volunteers to improve sanitation throughout these communities. Your gift can provide a hygiene kit and clean water to those who need it most.

COVID-19 soap

The devastating impact of COVID-19 has put education on hold for millions of children around the world. By purchasing a COVID-19 Soap Gift, you’re helping families protect themselves against the virus, so that these children can safely go to school and start preparing themselves for a brighter future. I can tell you one thing — it will be hard for your loved ones to socially distance themselves from you after giving this gift!

Provide a community with clean water

Without clean drinking water, it can be difficult for people to thrive. But in many places around the world, access to safe water and sanitation has been restricted by emergencies such as natural disasters and climate change. By purchasing a Clean Water Gift, you’re helping Oxfam install safe water facilities that benefit the whole community. As well as implementing this infrastructure, we make sure it is managed by local authorities and community partners so that things are maintained for future generations.

A safe refuge for women in crisis

Too many women are living with family or community-based violence. Finding a way to leave can feel impossible, especially if there’s nowhere secure to escape to. With a Safe Refuge for Women Gift, you can help Oxfam provide emergency accommodation and support for women who need to find their feet again. A truly practical gift that will help protect and improve the lives of women and children surviving desperate situations.

A well for a community in need

Natural disasters and climate change has left many vulnerable communities without access to basic necessities. For a family caught in an emergency, cash for Christmas is THE most thoughtful gift! These cash cards will help them buy essential food and supplies to stay healthy and safe while rebuilding their lives. By purchasing a Cash Card you’re helping Oxfam build a well that benefits an entire community. Children have more time to go to school, community health improves and local people can begin to rebuild their lives and look to a brighter future.

Purchasing a last-minute gift with Oxfam is just one way you can help in the fight against poverty and injustice. You can also choose to shop ethically with us by purchasing some of our delicious Oxfam fair Coffee or drinking chocolate or insisting that big brands pay fast-fashion workers a living wage by joining our What She Makes campaign.

You can also simply make a donation or join our mailing list for updates and ideas on how you can make a difference in the lives of others, in a way that reflects your unique values.