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Searching for something unusual, out-of-the-box, a little quirky? A unique gift that is guaranteed to make your lucky recipient smile? With the Oxfam Unwrapped range, we’ve got you sorted.

How to Buy Quirky Cards

  1. Choose a gift card here.
  2. Customise your charity gift card with a personal message.
  3. Send your gift card via mail or email to your loved one.

Your donation goes to those who need it most.

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The power of a Quirky charity gift card

An innovative gift from Oxfam Unwrapped embodies the very essence of the Christmas spirit through generosity, kindness and helping others – and is guaranteed to bring a smile to your lucky recipient’s face. Buy clever, quirky Christmas cards that will make a tremendous impact because they represent real items to help people lift themselves out of poverty.

Why buy a Quirky charity gift with Oxfam?

When you give one of Oxfam’s Quirky Cards, you’re also unlocking life-changing tools that pave the way for families to gain access to income and education for their children. That’s an incredible thing. And the best part? It makes your lucky recipient feel incredible too.

That vegan friend of yours who doesn’t want any conventional gifts? In need of a Kid’s Birthday gift idea? How about a veggie garden? This gift will be especially good because when you buy it, you’re donating to help families in Zimbabwe grow nutritious vegetables and fruit like pineapples – so that everyone has enough to eat, you’re advocating for indigenous voices and you are providing women’s empowerment in countries where gender-based violence and discrimination is rife. 

Alternatively, buy a card for your loved one, who has stuck by you – through thick and thin. Deep? Tick. Quirky? Tick. Totally life-changing? Big tick. When you give this gift, you’ll help protect a family in Vanuatu from the threat of waterborne diseases. Cheers to this incredibly hydrating and life-changing gift of clean water!

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