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25 Bonbonnieres



These bespoke bamboo goat pins are the perfect bonbonniere for your special day. Forget sugar almonds, thank your guests by making a life-changing donation on their behalf. Sold in packs of 25 and 50.

Size: 147mm x 105mm flat; 105mm x 100mm (front) x 46mm (back) when folded.

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25 Bonbonnieres
How this helps

"When I received the goat it became my job to look after them ... I am a mother and I took care of my children with the powdery milk and now I have the feeling that the goats are like my baby."

— Kobra (pictured), Afghanistan

Goats can play an important role for people living in rural communities in Afghanistan. They provide manure to help grow crops and produce baby goats that can be sold for an income. Goats are distributed to vulnerable families because they are easy to raise. Oxfam Australia also provides training in keeping, vaccinating and de-worming the animals.

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