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“FINALLY, A GIFT WITH SOME BEES ON IT,” you exclaim. We hear you. And while that’s exciting in itself, your lucky recipient will be happy to learn they’re part of a thriving honey business in Papua New Guinea that’s helping people pay for vital necessities — like school fees and medicine. Send a card with feeling, right now.

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How This Helps

Bees are helping families in Papua New Guinea to earn a living. Together with our local partners, Oxfam provides low-cost equipment for a family and trains them in beekeeping. An innovative mobile service buys the honey direct from the farm, saving the beekeepers from transporting their hives to town. With money from the honey, the family can buy medicines and send their kids to school.

“I am very grateful to Oxfam … Oxfam has helped me see how to make a successful, sustainable business … We help beekeepers look after the bees... [Now] they will be able to pay for school fees.”

— Kelly Inae, owner of Mountain Honey, Papua New Guinea

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