Artist Series: Fair trade education


This gift has every right to feel perky. Because while Fair trade grants a fair wage, it can also benefit an entire community. Fair trade premiums can fund much needed necessities; like water, sanitation and education. Now — that’s a gift that keeps giving — and will give someone a little spring in their step.

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How This Helps

Fair Trade is a global movement that empowers disadvantaged communities by paying them fair and stable prices for their work, helping them develop skills to run a sustainable business and giving them access to world markets. Oxfam is an active and vocal participant in the movement, supporting producer groups around the world.  

“My life has really improved a lot ... We have used the Fairtrade premium to build toilets for our community. Some villages now have small primary and secondary schools so that children don’t have to walk so far.”

— Afia Hawah, cocoa farmer, Ghana 

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