Artist Series: Goat


Just when you thought goats couldn’t get any prettier. This gift will help a family access an income for things like food, school fees and medicine. A beautiful gift, inside and out.


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How This Helps

Goats can play an important role for people living in rural communities in Mozambique. They provide manure to help grow crops and produce baby goats that can be sold for an income. Goats are distributed to vulnerable families because they are easy to raise and take care of. Oxfam Australia also provides training in keeping, vaccinating and de-worming the animals.

“Before getting the goats, I didn’t have any hope. Now I have hope. I know that if I have a problem in my family, I can sell a goat ... I feel that I am secure and I see my future differently now.”

— Recelia Alexandre Chiruco, goat farmer, Mozambique (her daughter Aida is pictured)

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