Artist Series: Veggie garden


From little things, big things grow. And that’s never been truer when it comes to this gift. You give a great gift, your recipient receives a bunch of warm fuzzies, and you both kick-start a garden that can provide a vital income to a family. It’s a win-win…win.

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How This Helps

In Zimbabwe, Oxfam provides seeds and training to help people grow a variety of vegetables to improve their nutrition and diversify the foods that families eat. The fresh vegetables help to make sure that families eat healthily and have ample vegetables that they can sell to earn a small income as well. 

“Oxfam provides seeds and training to help people grow veggie gardens / Fresh vegetables mean people can eat healthily / They sell left over produce at market/ Your gift helps break the cycle of poverty. Thank you.”

— Nelson Mananzva, farmer, Zimababwe

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