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Christmas Chicken

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Merry Chick-mas!

No-one expects a chicken as a gift — that’s why this is so great. It will give your loved one the feel-goods and help a vulnerable family earn a living. It’s a Christmas miracle!

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Christmas Chicken
How this helps

Gifts like this support women like Ana in Timor-Leste to start their own business. They could rear chickens or grow their own fruit and vegetables, including tomatoes, watermelons and chillies. The savings the women put aside through their savings groups could enable them and their families to invest in other farm animals such as goats, cows and pigs.

“I felt a big change in my life,” Ana said. “I could leave behind my life where I was unemployed and not productive to build a kiosk and continue to save money for my next dream”.

Oxfam acknowledges the support of the Australian Government through the Australian NGO Cooperation Program (ANCP).

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