After baby penguins, ducks are without a doubt, the cutest of birds. What’s more, this duck is helping a family in Bangladesh by providing them with nutritious eggs that they can eat or sell at the market, generating funds needed to send their children to school. And the best thing about ducks? They make little baby ducks, which means the family’s livelihood is secure well into the future.

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Ducks give families in Bangladesh eggs that they can eat and sell at the market. These eggs can also turn into more ducks which, in turn, produce more eggs! Many people who receive a duck from Oxfam use the money they earn to start a small business or pay for their children’s education, which helps them end the cycle of poverty.

“We have been selling duck eggs ... But we can also eat [them]. Our food source is secure ... I can now pay for my household costs.”

— Shumati Rani, duck farmer, Bangladesh

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