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I don’t meant to split hairs, but it’s hard to pick whether this gift is impressively tremendous or stupidly stupendous. I mean, this gift helps young people access vital job training and even supports them to start their own businesses – like a hairdressing salon. Amazing! Either way, a really good gift. 

How this helps?

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How This Helps

Oxfam works with young entrepreneurs to hone their skills, develop business knowledge and build their experience to better engage in the employment sector. This includes a training and internship program, as well as a job placement scheme that ultimately supports them to develop their own businesses, such as hairdressing salons.

“I never thought that I could have my own business. I have a strong personality now. I can make my own decision and have the freedom to do what I want. ... I have realised my abilities and developed myself. Because of this small business I can support my family and help my sister go to university.”

— Hadeel Alserhi, hairdresser and business owner, Occupied Palestinian Territory

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