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Sure, you could give someone a hamper -- that curried chutney would look amazing in their pantry for the next two years. Or, you could get a hamper that will help poor farmers get a fair price for the food they grow and consume. Right now. You know what to do.


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How This Helps

Without direct access to markets, or the skills and knowledge needed to negotiate a fair price, Sri Lankan farmers are often ripped off. Their produce is bought at a low price and sold at prices too expensive for poor families. Oxfam brings farmers together so they can sell their produce directly to families and everyone gets a fair price.

“New clothes, new shoes, pencil box, pastels, exercise books which make me happy now. It is because now my parents can buy them for me. They have much to sell, such as vegetables and fruits. You know, now, I bring packet of rice and curries to school to eat during the break with my classmates. My classmates feel so happy when I bring some banana for them from our garden.”

— J A Osadhi Jayathilini, Grade 5 student, Sri Lanka 

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