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You choose the price!

This gift is truly the greatest gift people experiencing poverty could ask for. Why? Because you decide how much you want to donate on behalf of your loved one and we will put that money where it’s needed most. 

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This gift can ensure that families are provided with everything they need to survive in the aftermath of a disaster. For Imam and her husband, Abdul, that meant emergency shelter after torrential monsoon rains caused severe flooding across Pakistan and destroyed their home.

“We got scared when water came in, along with rains,” Imam says. “Everything was gone, nothing was left for us.”

The family also received a container for clean water, soap, buckets and other essentials to help with their immediate needs so they could begin to rebuild their lives.

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The purchase of an Unwrapped gift is a tax-deductible donation which can be used to support projects like the ones described in our cards, as well as in support of Oxfam’s efforts around the world. The projects featured in our cards are examples of a few of the many ways we work with communities affected by poverty to improve their lives.

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