Mother's Day Bees


Your mum has taught you a lot. Like, how to use a spoon; or how to tie up your shoelaces; and even, how to be kind to others. So it makes sense to give your mum an extra kind gift that can help people in PNG build a thriving honey business – so they can pay for vital necessities like school fees and medicine. Make your mum proud.


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How This Helps

Bees are helping families in Papua New Guinea to earn a living. Together with our local partners, Oxfam provides low-cost equipment for a family and trains them in beekeeping. An innovative mobile service buys the honey direct from the farm, saving the beekeepers from transporting their hives to town. With money from the honey, the family can buy medicines and send their kids to school.

“With Oxfam in the honey bee project, we will be working very closely with beekeepers … through their families. We are working with the husband and the wife … We call it a family unit project ... They will be able to pay for school fees.”

— Kelly Inae, honey business owner, Papua New Guinea

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