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Mother's Day safe refuge for women



What could possibly give more comfort than a pair of slippers this Mother's Day? A gift that can offer women the support and refuge they need to get back on their feet after experiencing family violence.

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Mother's Day safe refuge for women
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“At first when I came to the safe house I was scared and I was crying. It was a new place and a new environment. But after I came to meet the mothers here, we told stories and introduced ourselves and then I felt like I was adjusting to the new place. It felt like a home. It feels nice and safe.”

— Rose* (age 20, pictured), a survivor of gender-based violence, at a safe house.

The threat of violence is a daily reality for many women and girls living in Papua New Guinea. But Oxfam is working to change this by providing women and girls who are threatened by violence with crisis accommodation, legal advice, counselling and access to healthcare services.

*Name changed to protect identity.

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