Pigs are an extraordinary friend to women in the poorest rural communities in Vietnam. They provide manure for fertiliser and produce more piglets to sell and further grow their business. With the money they earn, these women have a great say in the family unit and can buy medicines and send their kids to school.


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Pigs are an extraordinary friend to a family trying to escape poverty. A pig will help fertilise crops, breed with other pigs, and provide an important source of income once piglets are sold at market. In Vietnam, Oxfam Australia supports an innovative project that turns methane gas from pig’s waste into energy for households and schools, which cuts down on pollution and provides local people with jobs.

“Before, my husband used to make the decisions. Then I received a pig from Oxfam and was able to sell six piglets. I saved about 50% and used the rest to buy fertiliser and books for my children’s studies. Now my husband asks me for money to spend and we make decisions together.”  

— Thao Thi Muy Lao, pig farmer, Lung Khao Nhin commune, Vietnam

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