Safe refuge for women


This card will not only offer women a safe place to stay when escaping family or community-based violence; it will provide them with the legal and emotional support they need to find their feet again and help fund programs to educate men and boys. A very special gift indeed. 

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How This Helps

The threat of violence is a daily reality for many women and girls living in Papua New Guinea. Here, violence against women is very common and is considered part of life. Oxfam is working to change this by providing women and girls who are threatened by violence with crisis accommodation, legal advice, counselling and access to healthcare services.

“My second husband, he’s … like an animal. He abused me. Sometimes he gets a knife to threaten me. That’s why I went here … I had a place to stay … and I had someone to talk to about my problems. I feel safe.”

— Margaret, Papua New Guinea

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