This is the look of a sheep that’s about to unleash powerful change for people living in poverty. When you gift this stoic fellow, you’ll be helping people access a vital income so they can feed their families. I think we can agree that’s one marvellous sheep, and one extraordinary gift.

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How This Helps

Agriculture plays an important economic role in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, accounting for a large percentage of total exports and providing jobs locally. Oxfam is supporting farmers, particularly women and young people, to improve their production and processing capacity, as well as better access local markets and veterinary care for their animals.

“[Our livestock] is our primary and only source of income. It feeds my family and the family of my son, including my three grandchildren. Now, thanks to the programme, the veterinary doctor comes to visit us once every three weeks, and is also available in case of emergency. The programme also provides us with medicine for our livestock. My dream is to be able to stay where we are, not to be displaced and to be able to build a house like the rest of the people in the world.”

— Im Haytham, farmer and business owner, Bedouin community of Al Kassarat, Occupied Palestinian Territory

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