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Three piglets



Why not go the whole hog and give three pigs? Everyone love piglets! These precious little piggies can help women in places like Vanuatu earn a living and escape poverty.

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Three piglets
How this helps

"When [Oxfam partner] FSA came, and I started with the pigs and chickens and now goats, I could see that there is more money coming in. ... I see that I have more income when I sell the animals ... If I sell an animal today, there is money, whereas in the past when I didn’t always have money when I needed it."

— Unes (pictured), Vanuatu

In Vanuatu, where many families struggle with poverty, Oxfam is providing women with pigs, along with training in rearing and breeding. A pig will help fertilise crops, breed with other pigs, and provide an important source of income once piglets are sold at market. With this money, families can pay for essentials like food and education.

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