Water for a family


On a hot day, a glass of water is always well received. At the pub? Probably not. But rest assured this one will always go down a treat as it is protecting communities in Nepal from life-threatening water-borne diseases. Cheers!


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How This Helps

When disasters like the devastating April 2015 Nepal earthquake strike, Oxfam mobilises quickly to offer assistance to families affected. One of the key ways we helps is to provide them with hygiene and water kits to protect them from the very serious threat of waterborne diseases. This is just one of the ways we work to help people survive and rebuild their lives. 

“These [Oxfam] buckets have helped us a lot. Early in the morning we go and fetch water and we can come back with four buckets of water. It helps a lot, so does the jug we can use to drink water. It means a lot to us.”

— Anu Shrestha, earthquake survivor, Nepal 

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