Water-quality testing kit


This isn’t an ordinary card — this gift has the power to save lives. With this gift, you can provide a state-of-the-art water-quality testing kit, which helps monitor water quality during a natural disaster. You’ll give people who have lost everything the chance to be healthy as they rebuild their lives.

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How This Helps

When an emergency strikes, Oxfam Australia responds quickly and efficiently, ensuring the worst affected communities have access to clean water and sanitation so people don’t get sick while trying to get back on their feet. Water-quality testing kits are an essential tool for monitoring the quality of the water in an emergency situation, ensuring it’s safe to drink.

“Having clean water is one of the most important ways we can control the spread of disease following an emergency. We use the water-quality testing kits to ensure people don’t get sick from unsafe drinking water when a disaster strikes.”

— Prak Pin, WASH Program Officer, Pom Tom village, Cambodia

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