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Finding little things can make us feel great. Like … five bucks in your pocket. A parking spot. An online sale. So it makes sense that you’d feel ecstatic to help a woman in Bangladesh find something really special like … her voice. This gift will let you give that feeling to someone right now.

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How This Helps

There is a widespread view in Bangladesh that women do not have the right or ability to be leaders in their family, community or institutions. Together with our local partners, Oxfam provides support  for all people to assert the right of women and girls to speak up and be free from violence.

“Before I was involved with the project, my husband didn’t listen to my voice as I was only a housewife … Now, he has changed himself as he knows women have right to live in violence-free environment and respects my decisions and opinions.”

— Fuara Khatun, women’s group leader, Bangladesh

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