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Birthday Charity Gifts

Make your loved one feel special on their birthday, while giving a life-changing gift to those in need. 

The power of a charity birthday gift card

If you have a loved one’s birthday approaching, why not cake their day with a gift that’s ethical, sustainable and makes a meaningful difference in the lives of people in need?

When you purchase an Oxfam Unwrapped birthday charity gift card, you’re not just giving a beautiful card that will impress and delight, you’re helping empower people living in poverty through opportunities that help them lift themselves up and into a brighter future. It’s a wonderful donation.

Why send a loved one a birthday greeting card that gives back?

Knowing what to buy friends and family for their birthday can be challenging. Especially when you prefer meaningful gifts or are trying to find a present for the person who has everything! Nothing holds a candle to them.

If this sounds familiar, why not consider giving them an Oxfam Unwrapped birthday gift card?

You can choose from a range of charitable birthday gifts that provide both short and long-term support to those who need it most while also giving the giftee a reason to smile, knowing that their big day is changing the world for the better. It’s an awesome way to let someone know you care about them.

Charitable birthday gift ideas that give twice the joy

Whether it’s a Goat that helps people earn a living or Hand Loom for women who are sew good at being entrepreneurs but need an extra boost — when you purchase an Oxfam Unwrapped charity birthday card, your contribution addresses short-term necessities to establish long-term societal shifts.

Our charity gift cards have something to suit every birthday person. Do you think they’re fin-tastic? Fulfil their birthday fishes with this card that helps families in the Mekong region protect their sustainable fishing livelihoods from the detrimental impacts of large-scale dam projects. 

Or for pragmatic types, a Clean Water Gift that provides whole communities with safe drinking water might be more their style. This one takes the cake!

No matter what gift you choose, you’ll feel good knowing that you’ve given a charitable gift that provides twice or even thrice the birthday joy!

How to ask for a birthday charity donation ecard instead of gifts

If you or your child has a birthday coming up and you’d prefer guests give a charity donation rather than a material gift, it can be difficult to know how to approach the situation.

Asking for things can be hard, but making your wishes clear in a polite and respectful manner avoids awkward situations and helps support Oxfam in our fight for a more just world.

The most tactful way to ask for a birthday donation is to include your request in the invitation. Explain that the presence of their company is present enough but if they wish to make a donation to Oxfam, that would bring you plenty of birthday joy! Simply provide a link to Oxfam Unwrapped so it’s easy for them to visit us and choose a gift for you. Because, hey! It’s sherbet day! 

So next time you want to surprise someone on their birthday, why not give the gift of giving? With a birthday charity gift card, they can make an impact in more ways than one — and it will be remembered long after the cake has been eaten!

Your birthday gift will spread joy and help tackle global poverty.


Lisy Lingi, farmer, Vanuatu with pineapples birthday charity gift
Beneficiary’s voice

“The income I earn from pineapples is very good. It’s better than the crops that I used to plant … I harvested the pineapples in March when there were no pineapples around, and when I took my pineapples to the market and I told them the price of 600-700 vatu they sold out. I saw a big difference here.”

— Lisy Lingi (pictured), farmer, Vanuatu

With this gift, Oxfam can provide training to help people in places like Vanuatu grow pineapples. Seeds and supplies to start a pineapple farm will be an appreciated birthday gift for your loved one and a life-changing gift for families living in poverty. Pineapples are hardier than other crops and, using an innovative farming method, fruit can be grown off-season and sold at market. This means farmers make a higher profit and have a valuable source of food and income year-round.