Birthday Charity Gifts

Make your loved one feel special on their birthday, while giving a life-changing gift to those in need. 

The power of a Birthday Charity gift card

Are you stuck for ideas about what to get your someone special for their birthday? Well your search stops here! Nothing says “Happy Birthday” better than a personal gift card. But an Oxfam gift card is more than just a piece of paper. Our Birthday Charity gift cards represent a donation to help give families and communities the practical resources they need – such as a goat, duck or pig – to lift themselves out of poverty.

Why buy a Birthday Charity gift with Oxfam?

Oxfam Unwrapped gives you such a simple way to give a gift and make a difference in the world. Choose from our range of Birthday Charity gifts featured above or view our full range of Charity Gifts here. 


Your birthday gift will spread joy and help tackle global poverty.



Beneficiary's voice
Beneficiary’s voice

“The income I earn from pineapples is very good. It’s better than the crops that I used to plant … I harvested the pineapples in March when there were no pineapples around, and when I took my pineapples to the market and I told them the price of 600-700 vatu they sold out. I saw a big difference here.”

— Lisy Lingi (pictured), farmer, Vanuatu

With this gift, Oxfam can provide training to help people in places like Vanuatu grow pineapples. Seeds and supplies to start a pineapple farm will be an appreciated birthday gift for your loved one and a life-changing gift for families living in poverty. Pineapples are hardier than other crops and, using an innovative farming method, fruit can be grown off-season and sold at market. This means farmers make a higher profit and have a valuable source of food and income year-round.