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Due to growing commercial pressures, all Oxfam Shops are now closed. While difficult, this ensures our resources reach the people who need it most. You can continue supporting us online with Oxfam Unwrapped and Oxfam fair coffee.

Being a consumer is powerful.

It’s the power to create a more just and sustainable world, simply by choosing to shop ethically.

That’s why at Oxfam, we help you make powerful purchasing decisions that support people in developing countries who are trying to make a living and lift themselves out of poverty.

Every dollar spent makes a statement. So let’s work together to make every purchase a step toward a better tomorrow.

Shop Unwrapped charity donation gifts

Shop Unwrapped

Oxfam Unwrapped charity gifts help transform the lives of people living in poverty by providing food, clean water and other life-changing essentials. You can choose a gift card to suit any personality or occasion from Christmas gifts, birthday gifts, and even corporate gifts!

Shop Oxfam fair coffee

Fairtrade coffee

Did you know that a simple cup of coffee can help empower people around the world? Oxfam fair Coffee and drinking chocolate is delicious, and organic and supports communities and farmers by always providing a fair and stable price for their ingredients.

When you choose Oxfam’s ethical coffee, all money raised goes back into programs that help tackle poverty around the world.

What She Makes

What she makes

Big brands are keeping the women who make our clothes in poverty.

In countries like Bangladesh, workers spend up to 12 hours a day making cheap clothes for international brands, without enough income to cover basic necessities like food, water and shelter. Demand that brands pay women a living wage and join the campaign to stop What She Makes from keeping her in poverty.


Stand with the women who make our clothes

Fast fashion and the constant inflow of low-cost, low-quality garments mean that Australians are buying more disposable clothing than ever. The effect of the $23.5 billion ready-made fashion industry has become devastating both for the environment and mostly female workers who are under a huge amount of pressure to deliver on orders.

Despite long hours away from family, and appalling working conditions, the women who make our clothes do not make enough to live on, keeping them and their families in a cycle of poverty.

By taking the pledge to stand with her and demanding that big brands pay a living wage, you can show your support for #whatshemakes, and see how your favourite brands measure up in the company tracker.

Why shop ethical with Oxfam

Oxfam is a global movement of people working together to eliminate poverty by tackling inequality. Through humanitarian relief, community advocacy and sustainable development, we help people and communities have a say in the critical decisions that affect them, leading to fairer systems that promote a future free from poverty.

When you shop ethically with Oxfam, you’re joining a community of people making a practical and meaningful difference in the world.

How does ethical shopping with Oxfam help people?

When you shop ethically with Oxfam, your contribution makes a tangible difference you can be proud of. In the last 12 months, Oxfam shoppers have:

  • support 87 producer partners;
  • devour 13,446kg of Fairtrade certified chocolate; and
  • provide $3.2 million in payments to producers around the world.

infographic 87 producer partners, 13,446kg chocolate, $3.2M


I can’t find the Oxfam shop

If you’ve been trying to find the Oxfam retail shop, either in shopping centres or online, you might have noticed something missing.

Due to the growing commercial pressure of retail costs, the difficult decision was made to close our stores so that money and resources can better reach the people who need it most.

Just because things have changed doesn’t mean that you can’t shop ethically with us. Continue making a difference by purchasing an Oxfam Unwrapped charity gift card for your loved ones and make the switch to Oxfam fair Coffee and drinking chocolate.

Can I still get a refund on Oxfam Shop purchases?

If you’ve made a purchase from an Oxfam Shop that is faulty and you have proof of purchase, we will honour the consumer guarantee under Australian Consumer Law. Simply get in contact with our Supporter Services on 1800 088 110 and we’ll be happy to help you.

How else can I support Oxfam?

While the closure of Oxfam Shops marks the end of an era, our commitment to fair trade is far from over. Make a donation and support our global programs that relieve and eliminate poverty, just as they have for more than 67 years.

We’re also looking for people who can get involved in our movement for change, such as leaving a gift in your Will, joining our Home Activist Hub or getting hands-on by volunteering or fundraising with us.

There’s no limit to what we can achieve, together. We hope you will join us.

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