Education Charity Gifts

The gift of education has the power to live on for generations. 

Because when knowledge empowers people, they have the tools to make lasting positive changes for their families, communities and the future of our planet.

By purchasing an Oxfam charity gift card, you’re helping people access basic human needs like clean water, sanitation and humanitarian relief—so they can focus on other important matters like going to school and thriving through education.


How to give the gift of education

Due to poverty, discrimination and cultural obstacles, millions of people around the world miss out on their right to an education.

By purchasing an Oxfam gift card, you’re fighting to provide everyone with the opportunity to fulfil their potential and give themselves a brighter future.

Simply select a card type, choose your impact amount and we will post or email the gift on your behalf.

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  2. Customise your education gift card with a personal message.
  3. Send your education gift card via mail or email to your loved one.

Your donation goes to those who need it most.

COVID-19 soap

The devastating impact of COVID-19 has put education on hold for millions of children around the world. By purchasing a COVID-19 Soap Gift, you’re helping families protect themselves against the virus, so that these children can safely go to school and start preparing themselves for a brighter future. I can tell you one thing — it will be hard for your loved one to socially distance themselves from you after giving this gift!

Women’s rights

When women learn about the democratic process, they’re able to vote, stand as candidates and influence political parties to become more gender-inclusive. By purchasing a Women’s Rights gift, you’re helping to educate, train and support the female leaders of tomorrow.

Humanitarian Aid

When people are living through a humanitarian crisis, accessing basics like food, clean water and medical care becomes their number one priority. When you purchase a Humanitarian Aid Gift with Oxfam, you’re helping vulnerable people in displaced persons camps receive hygiene kits and jerry cans that carry clean water. These small actions have a big impact. Families can begin to focus on other important matters, like getting their children back into school and other routines that help them thrive.

The power of an education charity gift card

When you purchase an Oxfam education charity gift card, you start a ripple effect that can lead to thousands of people truly fulfilling their potential through education.

The benefits of education can’t be understated. The health of the community improves, gender discrimination is tackled head-on and societal structures become fairer for those living with disadvantages. 

So if you’re looking for the perfect gift for someone who values education, an Oxfam charity gift card will help them make a practical and positive difference.

Why buy an education charity gift with Oxfam?

Oxfam is a global movement of people trying to change the course of history through practical solutions that fight injustice and tackle poverty. With our partners and people just like you, we’ve helped more than 19.5 million people in 79 countries lift themselves up and build a better life for themselves.

How will your gift help provide education?

Around the world, millions of school-aged children are missing out on an education. Many are malnourished, living through crisis or forced to work in hazardous conditions. When you purchase an education charity gift, families are given the support and tools to improve their lives making way for their children to receive an education.

Together with our partners, Oxfam rebuilds schools affected by natural disasters, trains local teachers and provides school supplies that would have been unaffordable for many parents.

Your gift can also support adult education in both Australia and in countries like Pakistan where gender discrimination and ingrained cultural structures have meant that most women are unable to have a say in issues that affect them. By empowering adult women with knowledge about their rights and political systems, they have the power to create meaningful shifts that affect us all.