Gifts for him

When we work together, we change the world everyday.

Which is why giving him an ethical gift that helps tackle poverty and fight injustice is the perfect show of appreciation for the man who cares. By purchasing an Oxfam charity gift card for him, you’re empowering people and communities to lift themselves up and into a brighter future—together.


How to buy a charity gift for men

People around the world are facing many challenges, but change is happening, and communities are coming together to help fight poverty however they can. By purchasing an Oxfam charity gift card, you’re part of a movement of people tackling inequality in a practical and meaningful way.

Simply select a card type, choose your impact amount and we will post or email the gift on your behalf.

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For people living in places like Vanuatu, a Goat Gift, plays an important role for the whole family. Goats provide nutrient-rich manure to help crops grow, as well as produce milk and baby goats that can be sold for an income. Your gift also helps Oxfam provide goat-keeping training, ensuring goats are happy and healthy for generations.


The gift of a Chicken, improves food access and provides a steady income for families in places like Vanuatu. Eggs are versatile and nutritious and can be sold at the market, helping to make essential purchases like medicine and school supplies.

Birthday goat

Birthdays are fun, but helping people living with poverty earn a steady income is a meaningful gift you can enjoy every day of the year. A Birthday Goat produces milk and baby goats that can be sold, while their manure keeps crops flourishing; improving food access for the whole community.

Clean water

Access to safe water and sanitation is a problem in countries like Bangladesh. With a Clean Water Gift, you can help improve people’s knowledge of hygiene practices, as well as provide essential sanitation infrastructure. Your gift helps Oxfam and our partners install, maintain and manage safe water facilities that will make a big impact on entire communities.


Clean drinking water and sanitation is a problem in many regions of the world. With a Well Gift, you can help Oxfam and our partners design, build and maintain water and toilet facilities that are resilient to problems like climate change and natural disasters; as well as being accessible to all genders and people with disabilities.

Delight and impress with ethical gifts for men

When you purchase an ethical and sustainable gift for the men in your life, the impact goes far beyond your initial donation. Even a small contribution empowers individuals, families and communities, leading to meaningful shifts in societal structures and democratic processes.

So, whether it’s dad, brother, son, or grandpa— these charity gifts will not only delight and impress, but they’ll sow the seeds for lifelong positive change.

Why buy a charity gift for him with Oxfam?

Oxfam is a global movement of people working together to fight injustice, tackle poverty and change the course of history. Through practical and innovative solutions— Oxfam, our partners and people just like you have helped more than 19.5 million people in 79 countries build a better life for themselves. When you purchase a charity gift for him, you’re joining our community in the fight for a better future for everyone.

What is the best gift for a man?

Looking for a gift as unique as the man in your life? These are the best gifts to suit every personality and passion.

Gifts for outdoorsy types

Looking for a gift for the green thumb or adventurer in your life? Celebrate his love of the great outdoors with a Pineapple Gift. Your gift provides a family with seeds and training, so they can grow their own vegetables, improve their nutrition and make a living.

Gifts for beach bums

Access to clean drinking water and sanitation is a basic human right that millions of people around the world live without. With a Clean Water Gift, your favourite surfer or beach bum can share their love of the water by providing safe drinking facilities for people in places like Bangladesh— where natural disasters and climate change have left many people without.

Gifts for animal lovers

Goats play a big role in places like Vanuatu, where their nutrient-rich manure and milk keeps crops healthy and provides an income. When you purchase a Goat Couple Gift for an animal lover, you’re helping produce baby goats, which will provide vulnerable families with a steady and ongoing income for generations to come.

Gifts for bookworms

For the lover of literature and self-confessed bookworm, pass on the power of learning with a gift that will help communities lift themselves out of poverty. Your gift helps Oxfam rebuild schools, train teachers and improve facilities in places like Pakistan, meaning more girls are able to attend school, get an education and have a brighter future.

Gifts for your sweetheart

If he’s known for being a little bit sweet, a Pineapple Gift is the perfect way to let him know. As well as being delicious, pineapples are hardier than other crops and can be grown off-season, meaning farmers in places like Vanuatu can fetch a good price at market all year round.

What gift to give the man who has everything?

Buying a gift for him can be hard when he’s the man who has everything. Make this year unique, with a gift that will delight and impress him, while making a practical difference in the lives of people living with poverty.

Gifts for dad

You may think your dad’s done it all, but has he ever given a Duck to a family in Bangladesh? The gift of a duck for father’s day or a birthday help dads who are struggling to afford to send their kids to school. They can use them to start a small business selling eggs and baby ducks at the market, breaking the cycle of poverty and giving their kids a better start in life.

Gifts for boyfriend

Show him how deep your love is with a Well Gift. In places like Bangladesh, safe water and sanitation can be scarce, with millions of people travelling great distances just to access this basic human right. Your gift will provide an entire community with clean, easily accessible water that is safe from disease.

Gifts for husband

Even if you’re more diamond anniversary than newlywed, have some fun and relive your wedding day with a Wedding Goat Couple Gift. Your anniversary gift will provide a young family with a couple of goats that will help set them up for life. Goats play an important role in places like Vanuatu because of their ability to help crops grow and provide an income. And if the goat couple produces baby goats, your gift will keep on giving for years to come.