Well, well, well ... sorry. That was terrible. But what’s not terrible is a gift that is both metaphorically and literally deep. This gift card will help build water facilities in Bangladesh that are robust enough to withstand disaster, and that are accessible to people with disabilities, so that everyone in the community has access to safe, clean water even when disaster strikes. 

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How This Helps

Together with our local partners, Oxfam works to improve access to safe water, sanitation and people’s knowledge of hygiene practices in regions of Bangladesh that are vulnerable to natural disasters and climate change. We work with local authorities and communities to install, maintain and manage safe water facilities and toilets. The design and location of facilities are adapted to be resilient during natural disasters, accessible to people with disabilities, and appropriate to the needs of women and men.

“I used to collect water from four kilometres away … now it is near my house and the water quality is better than before. I am free from stress.”

– Alaya Khatun, poultry farmer, Bangladesh (pictured)

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Oxfam Unwrapped makes a fun, gift giving experience matter - Charity Gift Card and Charity Christmas Gift Card which benefit those most in need.

Wow you read right to the bottom of the page, now what? Here’s some other fun things to try out. Why not buy a goat for a third world country, or compose a tweet on Twitter about how much you want someone to get you some poo this year instead of a Christmas gift. Or you could buy an early mother’s day gift, buy yourself a corporate gift on your boss’s credit card, or send someone some poo in the post.

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