Gifts for her

When women are empowered, great things happen.

Which is why giving the women in your life an opportunity to empower others is the perfect gift to show how much you care.

By purchasing an Oxfam charity gift for her, you are helping tackle the inequality, discrimination and injustice that millions of women around the world face every day; while helping those living in vulnerable situations lift themselves out of poverty and into a brighter future.


How to buy a charity gift that empowers women

Women around the world continue to face many challenges, often living in situations with fewer resources, less power and less decision-making influence. When you purchase a charity gift card you’re helping tackle these inequalities while empowering women in many different ways. Simply select a card type, choose your impact amount and we will post or email the gift on your behalf.

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  3. Send your gift card via mail or email to your loved one.

Girls education

When girls have access to an education, anything is possible. With an Unwrapped gift, you can help rebuild schools, train teachers and improve facilities, so more girls can attend school, get an education and have a brighter future.

Women’s empowerment

With a Women’s Empowerment Gift, you can support First Nations women to learn more about the political system. By forming strong networks with female politicians, political leaders and each other, women are empowered to become change-makers in their communities and beyond.

Safe refuge for women

The threat of violence is a daily reality for millions of women and girls around the world. This makes access to secure refuge vital for the safety of them and their children. By purchasing a Safe Refuge for Women Gift, you can help support women and families threatened by violence by giving them access to crisis accommodation, legal advice, counselling and healthcare services.


Access to clean drinking water is a basic human right that people around the world go without every day. By purchasing a Well Gift you’re helping Oxfam and our partners improve access to clean water and sanitation by installing, maintaining and managing safe water and toilet facilities.

Mother’s day safe refuge for women

If your mum deserves to be spoiled this Mother’s Day, consider a gift that can help other mums who are affected by domestic violence. With a Mother’s Day Safe Refuge for Women Gift, you can help provide crisis accommodation, legal advice, counselling and healthcare services for women in desperate need of safety and support.

Delight and impress with a charity gift for mum, sister, daughter or grandma

When women are safe, supported and supplied with the right tools, they have the power to make lasting changes that benefit their family and the entire community. Whether it’s mum, sister, daughter or grandma, these charity gifts will impress and delight.

Why buy a women’s empowerment gift with Oxfam?

Oxfam is a global movement of people working hard to address issues of poverty that many women around the world bear the brunt of simply because of their gender. Together with our partners we find practical, innovative and measurable solutions that help improve the lives of women in Australia and all over the world.

What is the best gift for my loved one?

Wondering what the best gift is for your loved one? These unique charity gift ideas will help you find the perfect present for every woman in your life.

Graduation gifts

Looking for the perfect graduation gift for her? Pass on the power of learning with a Duck Gift that helps families earn an income to send their kids to school. Thanks to your contribution, more girls are able to attend school, get an education and have a brighter future.

Housewarming gifts

For the homebody or homeowner in your life, a Safe Refuge for Women Gift helps provide sanctuary for women and girls in countries like Papua New Guinea who live with the threat of violence as their daily reality. Your gift helps Oxfam provide crisis accommodation, legal advice, counselling and access to healthcare services.

Christmas and holidays gifts

The holiday season is a time that many of us splash out on gifts for loved ones. But in many parts of the world, simply having access to fresh water would be a gift to last a lifetime. By giving your loved one a Well Gift this holiday season, you are helping provide an entire community with access to safe water, sanitation and toilet facilities in places like Bangladesh, where natural disasters and climate change have led to major infrastructure damage and livelihood insecurity.

Valentines gifts for her

Know a strong woman who likes to speak her mind? Help her support First Nations women to learn more about politics with a Women’s Empowerment Gift this Valentine’s Day. Your contribution will help Straight Talk, an Oxfam-supported forum where Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women can meet, exchange ideas and develop the leadership skills they need to inspire positive change.

Birthday gifts

Celebrating birthdays are exciting, but the impact that a Women’s Empowerment Gift can have on changing democratic processes and societal structures could perhaps be the most exciting celebration imaginable. A Women’s Empowerment Gift helps women in countries like Pakistan learn about the democratic process so they can influence political parties to become more gender inclusive. Women are encouraged to vote and given training and support to stand as candidates themselves, so they can make changes that will last for generations. This is a very special gift for a very special woman.

How will your gift support women?

In many parts of the world, people are marginalised on the basis of their gender identity and expression, as well as their sexual orientation or sex characteristics. Oxfam works to provide these minority communities the opportunity to participate more equally in the world around them. Often this is by working in male-dominated communities, where women are denied their rights and disadvantaged as a result. The following programs show how your gift will go towards supporting women and giving them the skills they need to lift themselves out of poverty and into empowerment.

  • In Fiji, our ‘Shifting Power, Shifting Voice’ project supports the economic empowerment of women and people in sexual and gender minority communities.
  • In Pakistan, we are empowering women to become leaders and to gain equal participation in political processes.
  • In Papua New Guinea, we are striving to end violence against women and girls, including sorcery-related violence.
  • In Solomon Islands, we are motivating men and boys to reject family violence and adopt healthy attitudes and behaviour toward women and girls.
  • In Vanuatu, we are creating opportunities for women, people with disabilities, young people and sexual and gender minority communities to earn a living.
  • In Zimbabwe, we’re empowering women and girls to uphold their sexual and reproductive health rights.